How to Make People Care

How to Make People Care

I have suggested an apathy tax, which I still think is the best idea, but what is the best plan to attract citizens to pay attention? The media is biased and finding websites or newspapers that offer real news is challenging. There are a number of conservative websites and other mediums, but these spend most of their time bashing Democrats. Most refuse to assess any blame to the Republican party, or its members. Policy problems, or solutions, are not a topic.

While the Democrats are making it easier to prove it sucks at policy, most of the ingrained policy failures have been supported, funded, and applauded by both sides. For example, the Country’s ludicrous debt, tax breaks for rich folks, corporate subsidies, education failures, and paying people to not work are only a few examples of policies championed by both sides of the aisle. The Republicans act like they are the chosen ones, but anyone who paid any attention to current events over the past many decades knows this is untrue.

If you want to get people to care, you have to make them work. Everyone. Citizen review committees for every tax dollar spent and every appointed entity. You have to legislate their involvement, at least initially. If you don’t make people learn about how their tax dollars are spent, they simply won’t care. As mind boggling as it is, it appears to be true.  I’m not talking about a seventh grade civics class, I’m talking overseeing a budget, with weekly work hours and homework, having real accountability and understanding as to how the money is spent and if its making progress. Short, unavoidable assignments. If the policy is failing, change it, or the personnel. People would rather complain about taxes than understand how they are used (or abused). Unless they are forced to learn, they won’t care.

Legislators, elected officials and other people in power have no interest in substantive change. People receiving government assistance only want more free stuff, they have been very successful with this pursuit in recent years. Their numbers grow annually. The rich want to get richer and protect their fiefdoms, they too have been successful. This leaves the folks in the middle (hence, two seats in). We see the problems and think elected officials will repair them. We are, and have been, wrong.

If you want to people to pay attention, you must draw attention to problem areas. Education has received some interest due to the acknowledgement of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other nonsense pushed by our Education System. But the interest is for the wrong reason. There should be interest in change since our world education ranking continues to decline. What we are doing is not keeping pace with other nations. We can do better and should, but few seem to care. Many parents have delegated, or relinquished, their children’s education to the schools. The schools are failing. It is easier to blame the system than change it, but change is desperately needed.

Entitlement funding is another area that must have citizen oversight. We need numbers, reported each night, as to the number of people receiving government support and what is being done about it. We get unemployment numbers as an economic gauge, but this number is fabricated.

I heard a talk show recently explain how it is pathetic, sad and wrong why new single mothers in this country had to live in poverty. It continued to explain how more money would solve the problem. These single mothers can’t afford child care and are therefore unable to work. More money, more free stuff and the problem is solved. It is simply wrong.

On the flip side, no person, single mother or anyone else, should go hungry or lack for basics in this country, but not on their terms. I don’t want to give money, and free stuff, to people who have proven unable to manage their current life. They need training and guidance, not free stuff. If we had citizen oversight of entitlements, we may be able to develop real solutions.

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