When a person moves from location to location, it does not take long to realize how much information is required to be shared just to do simple things. Buying a home is an exercise in signing one’s name, but renting an apartment, getting internet, establishing an account with local utilities, bank accounts, registering vehicles, and choosing medical providers is all a lesson in patience, tolerance and perseverance. Job applications can be extremely intrusive.

And, we tolerate it.

The signup process is different in various locations and for different entities. Many will insist without the requested information, service will not be allowed. So, for some of these functions, bowing and genuflecting in the appropriate manner and with an adequate level of obsequiousness is often necessary and usually prudent. In other cases, where choices exist, the attitude is often one of annoyance if immediate adherence is not delivered in a kind and cooperative manner. I appreciate customer service is striving for a different level (is a negative customer service score still considered customer service – asking for a friend) and in many cases service people are no longer there to assist, but more likely there to ensure compliance.

Think flight attendant.

In the case of flight attendants, many people have already run blocker to ensure a compliant customer. Including the media. Comply, or go to jail was the clear message for the last several years only strengthened by mask mandates. TSA agents set the mood as they can make a person miss a flight, simply through poor planning. But it is not just about flight attendants. It is about the voluminous requirements to do, well anything.

Want a discount card for a grocery, fill out this form and create an account. What to apply for a job, create an account and give us as much information as is desired. Fail to complete job forms may result in application rejection, or if found incorrect in any manner, result in termination. It is all very intimidating.


The short answer is: Because they can. Nobody pushes back and if you do push back, the good ones smile and simply remind you that without the information, whatever it is you are signing up for is not available. The citizens dutifully fill out the forms (“…we had fun sitting on the bench there and filling out the forms…”) and wonder why it is necessary. Why can’t a discount card be issued without a phone number, physical/email address, or other information. I have talked to people who use false information when completing forms, but big brother is getting wise and now often requires cell phone number verification.

The goal is tracking and as this becomes ubiquitous, it gets more tiresome. China has its social credit scores and we are not far behind, but here in the Land of the Free, it will be called something else to distinguish us from our evil communist brethren. The problem is, to call it some thing different does not alter what it does. In both cases, the end goal is the same. The government, and businesses, want to track every move.

Tracking the citizenry is bad policy.

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