Polls are a dime a dozen and journalists and groups quote the ones they like when the numbers prove the argument. With a little money, questions can be structured to affect a certain lean. But polls are a little like science fiction, there is often a bit of truth in them. What is fascinating, if not frightening, is the percentage of the population that appears, based on a large volume of polls, that Biden’s policies are fine.

Whether it is a third or half that agree, but even at one-third, it is distressing. I find it very difficult to believe over thirty percent of the U.S. population wants open borders, is OK with runaway inflation, and making more things free (e.g., college tuition). Increasing spending, after the Republicans already went way overboard is crazy. It will exacerbate already spiking inflation numbers. It spends money on ludicrous things (more than usual).

We can’t buy our way out of this fiscal situation.

Since so many people are enamored with his policies, what outcomes do they anticipate? How many people will be allowed through the border before our current laws are enforced? In addition to not sending their best, many of these folks are not prepared to live and work here. Many do not speak the language. If my town is any indication, school populations will increase next year and ESL (English as a Second Language) needs will explode. Some of these children will be at a significant disadvantage, simply based on circumstance (socio economic and others) and will require other resources to get them “up to speed”.

This is not free.

Inflation is a tax and is brutal to fixed income and low income people. This is not a Biden-only problem as inflation takes time to unfold and the Trump administration’s spending spree fueled a blazing fire, but Biden’s policies have made it worse. Covid spending was ridiculous and, in an effort to get money into circulation quickly, shortcuts were implemented that funneled much of it to the wrong entities. It is still unknown where some of it went. This is absurd. States are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on stuff that has zero to do with the pandemic (e.g., broadband is fun and expensive, but why is the government doing it, let Google – et.al. fund it).

If people want more free stuff, like free college, I want a list. Who are these people and what districts to they represent? Open borders, DeSantis is correct, all illegal aliens will be bused to those districts whose representatives want this policy. Here is the problem, many locations want them, not necessarily the people living there, but the companies located in these districts who are currently having difficulty filling jobs. They want these illegal aliens who have been given work papers (how they got them is a giant mystery), but they are not violating laws if they have been processed by the border patrol. The whole thing is a farce.

Where are the new laws detailing how companies can only hire people who have enter the country through a structured legal process, not simply processed by border patrol and awaiting action that may never come. How come the Red States are not leading this charge? Business does not pay the price of illegal immigration, but reaps the benefits of a cheap labor force. Republicans like to blame Biden, but until the Red States start taking serious action, nothing changes.

Until citizens demand current laws be enforced, less than half will be enough.

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