Green New Deal (ership)

Green New Deal (ership)

Part of the infrastructure bill (the title, like many bill titles is a joke) is a way for the federal government to triple down (they doubled down decades ago) on leverage to get the states to do what they want. People, and state elected officials, can scream all they want about State’s rights and quote the Constitution until they are blue in the face. If SCOTUS refuses to hear it, tough cookies. If they hear it, they might slice and dice it like Citizens United: Result, tough cookies.

When the bill is passed, and I did say when, not if, it will be a windfall for States that comply. The money spicket will drop to a trickle for Red States if they make any attempt to end run compliance. It is not only about jab mandates, that was the test run. With the media lying to the American people on a daily basis about any topic, it will prove equity is great. Schools need to be more tolerant and rapes happen in bathrooms sometimes. It has nothing to do with who can use which one. Quotas will be normal and workers will be told to be tolerant; productivity is not everything. The only reason some workers efficiency is better than others can probably be traced back to privilege. Supply chain disruptions will become the norm.  

States will be generously rewarded if they mandate jabs, promote union work, include equity in hiring practices and provide some meager match for other social programs that make an attempt to bring equity across targeted economic spectrums. The Feds will ensure those states get the bulk of grant money since grants will have these policies mandated for eligibility.

If you can’t work, and ours is not to wonder why, the government will create a standard of living that will make you proud. It will ensure a self-esteem level that is congruent with your working neighbors. States, Red included, will be forced to comply or lose management authority. Similar to what happens with prisons, the courts will ensure equity. It is never cheaper when the feds enter the picture.

Reparations, or more free money, is another way to make a subset of the population happy. This one is going to be tricky or the wrong people may get money. The fact this conversation happens is proof we are doomed. Policies have gone from free housing and Obama phones to everything is free and income redistribution is a forever goal.

It will take a little time to get to Universal Basic Income (UBI), but with a few more years, it will become the norm. It will be justified as a way to allow people decision making and as a way to promote independence. The Feds may try to wrap reparations in with UBI. It would get buried in with other bureaucratic programs and be more difficult to discover and investigate. This is not really a problem, since current laws are proving difficult to enforce.

It does not matter which party is in control, income redistribution is useful for business and the policies are designed to help society stay happy. People gripe, but as long as they can continue to live their lifestyle, they are generally happy. They only get mad when change comes to fast or policies affect lifestyles. As the jab policy has proven, as long as a small minority are affected, the only objective is to make sure the majority are clear on who is to blame.

So far, it is working like a charm.

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