Good Candidates

Good Candidates

I was reading an article that described an old democrat politician as smart and crazy. It was said with more words but the gist is the same. Democrat voters, and politicians, are not stupid. Some are, just as some Republicans lack enough illumination to cast a shadow in a lightless closet, but density is not a Democrat only trait. It is not the politicians that any voter needs to worry about, it is the voters. They learn about candidates in sound bites and television commercials. In case anyone forgot, advertisements are designed to get you to like things, and people. They are made by professionals to get you to “buy” a product, or service.

Campaign ads are no different.

They will tell you about the evils of the other party or person and never has this been easier than it is now. But what does it tell you about the candidate? What will they do, what are their policy positions and how will they coerce their colleagues to join the fight? In my home state, in one race, I have a career politician, ex-staff to a lifelong politician, a multi-millionaire and a couple of others that are not even recognized by local newspapers. In my state, only one party really exists. It is the same in other states and is not restricted to one side of the aisle.

Learn about the candidates.

Understand a little about what each candidate represents. How are they different, or the same? In most cases, it is hard to tell. In our current situation, any vote for a career politician, even one shifting jobs, is a vote for the status quo. Perpetuating our current policies will only continue our slide.

Change is desperately needed.

As elections get closer, pay attention to the rhetoric spouted by your candidate of choice. How will it change the nation, state, city or town in which you reside? Will it improve education, health care, social programs, roads, or health and safety? Will it make these improvements without raising taxes? Have any of your candidates suggested reducing taxes or curbing benefits for those people that get things for free? Has any one of them suggested substantive changes, that are actually legal, or have any hope of being adopted? Does any rhetoric differ from the other candidates, or are they all the same? Watch carefully as the primaries get closer.

Do any of them have a plan beyond the advertisement?

I know it has been mentioned, but a great question to ask is what services will they cut? It is a fun question since most won’t answer, but hedge or offer ludicrous responses. They want to cut things citizens hate, like the IRS. The claim they will deport illegals, but know they have no power to do this. They will support all the good stuff, but have no specific ideas for how to make things better.

Making things better means saying no and creating repercussions for noncompliance. It means creating penalties and enforcing them. Creating laws that a lenient District Attorney can’t escape. It means creating citizen oversight committees that take power from local politicians, something the local caucus chairs frown upon. It means taking power from the political parties and putting it with the people. CRT and the recent debate with a few school boards brought the power of citizen oversight to light, but imagine what would happen if citizens ignored the parties and took back control of cities, towns, states and eventually the federal government.

It wouldn’t take a revolution, just good candidates.

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