Give It Back

Give It Back

The Legislature is in special session where I live so it can focus solely on spending Covid money it got from the Federal Government. According to the news, it is pondering spending some on internet access, water and sewer, health care, and sundries.

The party-line for internet access is due to Covid shutting down schools and forcing distance learning. Tales of hotspot-buses lounging in local Dollar Tree parking lots while kids accessed their online classes is the justification for spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this project. The argument is extended by suggesting this expenditure will help our education system and the children who live in rural areas or areas too economically challenged to justify the expense of running internet infrastructure.

This is delusional.

It may help a few students, but if you live in the boonies, you don’t have internet, cable, and probably pretty crappy cell service. As the government now has a great desire to track all its citizens, cell service is improving, but I digress. If you live in a rural area, you may not have access to city water, sewer, or a gas line. Those propane tanks stashed outside the city limits are not a convenience. Bringing internet to rural areas is not an education function, it helps internet providers acquire more customers. Tax dollars are being used to build techs’ infrastructure.

The Tech companies can afford to install their own.

Water and sewer are local issues, ask the residents of Flint Michigan. Some of these locations are in desperate need of water and sewer renovations, but this should be a local problem. Mismanagement or poorly structured pricing should not create a problem for other towns and cities. Instead of the State providing funding solutions resulting from bad management, how about prosecuting local leaders for mismanagement. The State will not hold local government’s responsible for its own functions, how is it expected to hold individuals responsible for their own actions?

None of the talking heads will make this statement. I have yet to hear one of them say federal Covid money should be returned to taxpayers. Some suggest it be distributed to small business, but that didn’t work out very well the first time the Feds tried it. Give it back to us!

This is what Legislatures should be doing, but instead they rationalize various ways to spend money based on how districts may profit from it. They see it as a way to influence voters by showing their largesse. Someone must remind them it is not their money, but ours.

As the saying goes: “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”, but now it is worse, a Congress controlled by a Democratic majority is bribing Red State Legislatures.

And they like it!

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