Get Better Advice

Get Better Advice

A Republican Governor recently said, concerning the “jab rate” in the state “I’ve done all I know how to do…” and this exemplifies the problem with government and bureaucrats. They refuse to listen and don’t make any effort to converse. It is all about a message. Since the Governor appears to lack good advisors, or refuses to listen to their counsel, here are a few things that she may consider:

            Explain why some doctors and prestigious organizations have counseled against the shot

            Encourage open debate about concerns stemming from the shot

Bring both sides of the debate into the open, provide a forum

Be a catalyst towards constructive solutions and care

Provide a safe haven for any professional to present facts without fear of recourse

            Provide whistleblowers an outlet to express concerns

            Discuss the option of currently available treatments

            Create a statewide hotline for workers and patients

            Discourage any censorship surrounding any aspect of Covid

            Defend peoples’ right to use social media freely

            Explain the value of each policy decision in both scientific and pragmatic terms

            Provide transparency with government reimbursements concerning Covid

            Stop all policies that science and common sense don’t support

Provide information to enable an educated choice – stop mandates

It is not only Covid that has this opaque approach to policy. Education, entitlements, health care, taxes, and so many others have all been stymied through silence, or worse. We need leadership to create an environment that encourages ideas, debate and hopefully solutions, not one using derision for any that dissent. Until the people choose to elect leaders that will foster this type of communication, but be willing to say no – and back up why, we will be stuck with the bureaucracy we deserve.

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