As the row from Roe settles, at least a little bit, some doctors are again afraid of the oversight boards that allow them to practice. Needed and legitimate procedures (e.g., such as a Dilation and Curettage – D&C) and are being ignored, avoided and in some cases simply denied as the doctors are afraid of getting caught in a political firing squad. In some respects, I understand, but in other respects, it is infuriating. Legitimate care is being denied due to political ideology. Doctors, of all professions, should be standing up to the government “bullies” and defending their patients’ needs.

It’s disgraceful.

As has been made clear in numerous (if not all) blog posts, both sides of the aisle should be ashamed, but in addition, the religious right, dare I say Christians, are blinded by their ideology and refuse to support what should be no-brainer support of practicing doctors. What is exasperating, not to mention the epitome of hypocrisy, is this same blind ideology is what the right has accused the left of for decades. And now they are doing it.

Just like Covid.

The right accused the left of spinning the facts to suit their narrative, and they were right, but where is this support of doctors who want to help patients. It makes it difficult to present an argument that doctors should be allowed to make judgement calls and then turn around and say, no they should not. I can hear the arguments about this being different and while the circumstances are different, you either believe in a doctor’s right to help their patient, or you don’t. If the goal is to scare doctors into following an ideology, at the risk of losing their livelihood, or worse, than they current environment is doing a fine job.

And it is not just doctors.

Social media, and other platforms (e.g., web hosting sites), are making decisions as to who can say what. Since the Mainstream Media (MSM) is losing (in my case, lost) credibility, citizen journalism is a real thing. It is how some people get their news or follow their current ideology. If you want to follow Trump, I don’t care. If you want to watch The View, I don’t care. What I care about are policies that help this country move forward. Policies that encourage discussion, debate and lead to productive change.

What we don’t have now.

Freedom of speech is all about the ability to share your beliefs. What appears to be happening is the MSM has seized the airways. Technical behemoths are deciding what media is acceptable. What is most concerning is many members of Congress have advocated for more censorship and oversight, both of which they demand Corporations enforce. If these companies don’t do a good enough job, they will punish them. How did this become acceptable? If you don’t like what somebody says on television, or any other media, turn it off. If the argument is poorly structured, rework or ignore it. If any person running for office advocates censorship, on either side of the aisle, citizens need to send a clear message that this is unacceptable.

Censorship is not the answer.

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