We need to bring them back, but not make them public. Go ask a few anesthesiologists for a quick ending cocktail and make it happen. As little fuss and muss as is possible. I don’t want the committed to suffer, as their victims did, I just want them gone, permanently. I don’t want it to take years, dozens of years or even multiple months, I want it to be quick.

Our court system is horrible and corrupt. It needs to be overhauled and citizen oversight created. The penal system is awful and does little to rehabilitate prisoners. It does little to help the actual victims. I have no interest in executing everyone, but for these blatant murderers, the trial must be quick and decisive. Some criticisms of the death penalty are valid as history has proven some people were erroneously put to death, they were innocent. These mistakes are horrible, but it has made the punishment the scapegoat instead of the judicial process.

Cameras, locations, and simple data is available now that a few years ago was not. For other scenarios, there are multiple eye-witnesses who saw the perpetrator and crimes committed. It is not hearsay evidence and not a single person who may, or may not have, seen the criminal activity. It is a host of people who watched the horror unfold or inescapable evidence that links the perpetrator to the crime. In these scenarios, action should be swift and decisive.

The goal is not a Kangaroo Court, but an actually speedy trial. The public should see swift action and a conclusion with a penalty to match the horror. School shootings, theatre massacres, raining gunfire into innocent concert goers or driving a vehicle into a crowd. These are not mysteries for Sherlock Holmes, they are crazy people killing people. They should be removed from the gene pool. Speaking of crazy, it is not a defense. In my head, if the goal is to kill innocent people, you are by definition crazy. Crazy, or not, people who kill innocent bystanders should be removed.

The punishment no longer fits the crime and many criminals are undeterred with the sentences issued or threatened. The criminal justice system, prisons, and the judicial process are in desperate need of change. Call it reform if you want, but some harshness needs to come back. In addition, the victims need to be at the forefront of the punishment. Criminals should be given a chance to make amends, not simply serve time. They need to be shown how to choose a different path. The career criminal should be made to work, if they have no interest in reform, fine, put them in a place to pass time.

Zero bail, early release, jail overcrowding, private prisons and other correction area functions are all policy decisions that have failed. Recidivism is not improving and crime is on the rise. Just like education and other failed policies, corrections is ripe for change.

Society is not benefitting from time-served.

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