Enforcement – A Reality Spark?

Enforcement – A Reality Spark?

There are many laws that are bent or broken each day and more that many people think should be eliminated. Other laws should have stricter, or more appropriate, penalties. The laws, and rules, are created by our government structure. If these laws are not suitable to the people, the people need to change them. If the current government representatives refuse to change laws unpopular or disliked by the people, the people need to change, or remove, those representatives and elect new ones.

The laws are made and these are enforced by law enforcement (LEO’s); it doesn’t get to choose, or its not suppose to get to choose, which laws it enforces. Equal enforcement of the law. Once upon a time, law enforcement could make judgement calls, but this has proven dangerous to LEO’s. Give a citizen a break for rolling through the stop sign and later that same person kills a family running a red light. The Department, the City, and the officer are sued for millions. It puts allowing people a break into perspective.

These new announcements from law enforcement are different, they blatantly defy the law. Arguments can be made whether mask mandates are laws or if getting the jab is “required by law”, but until the courts decide, it is being treated as law.

If law enforcement won’t enforce a law, why is it there? If the law’s result is the loss of half the workforce, tough. The city council made the law. It does not eliminate that officer’s right to express, in his/her off hours, their disagreement with the law. The leaders of law enforcement agencies need to be clear on its enforcement duties and can suggest objectively, during their press conferences, who the people should contact. Law enforcement must enforce the law, for everyone.

The people need to see this enforcement, every day! They need to be reminded who made these laws. Citizens need to comply or elect new people. They need to be outraged at inconsistencies in enforcement. States (and local governments) need to distinguish themselves from laws they believe are inconsistent with its citizens beliefs. With the exception of the religious or perceived moral issues (abortion, gay rights, etc.), few state populations are willing to forgo the federal money that comes with obedience. Remember the 55MPH speed limit extortion initiated by the Federal Government. Set your speed limit to a max of 55MPH or lose highway dollars; yes boss.

People need to get involved. Making a greater number of them adhere to rules and laws that infringe on a greater and greater number of individuals will result in change. This change can be a more socialist government or one that advances innovation and hard work. This change does not come from an old school revolution but from involvement and a desire for change. People need to see the ugly side of enforcement, these rules need to apply to them. Perhaps then, they will pay attention to not who is elected, but the rules that are enacted by these new leaders.

Law enforcement must remind society who made the laws. Perhaps by enforcing them, the people will see the error of their election decisions.

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