A friend of mine sent me a video of a little kid who has only recently learned to walk. As they are apt to do, he was reaching for something that heretofore was unobtainable. His mom said no and he obediently withdrew his arm, turned towards her, and smiled a Cheshire cat grin. Oh the fun times instore for both of them. This story and the parties’ reaction reminds a bit of Putin and Europe. Now, now, Vlad, don’t do that. He responds with a smirk as he ponders his next move. Does anyone realize who is holding all the cards?

He has control of the energy source. Without Russia’s energy, it is going to be a chilly winter in a bunch of places in Europe. Freezing homeowners aside, how about industry? Europe does still make stuff albeit much of it has moved to China, much like us. Do these European countries think Russia will excuse its behavior or sell them oil and gas at market rates?

I wouldn’t.

I’d make them beg and after making them sweat, or freeze, put a hefty premium on any energy they bought. Forever. And a day. People have said Putin is ailing and will be dead in a few years, but who thought Biden would hang on this long, or either of the Clintons? I can’t prove it, but science has made breakthroughs to allow people to live longer, but only rich folks can afford it. But I digress. Energy independence or at least having goods and services that can be used as leverage to barter for energy independence is critical to any society.

Many years ago, Europe went nuclear to stem its energy imports and as destructive as nuclear has been in specific locations, it did stem the demand tide. The current nuclear structure is messy, wasteful and produces byproducts that are a bane to the world. From what I understand it doesn’t have to be this way. Progress has been made, there are alternatives to the current structure that don’t produce the same poisonous byproducts, or at least at the same volume. But due to the current environment, scientists are not allowed to talk about them.

Don’t laugh.

Scientists are not allowed to mention ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine without defending any statements to a review board. Nuclear is a bane, it must not be discussed. Green energy, wind and solar, are the only acceptable conversations. This is a sidebar to the divisiveness that has enveloped the nation, it stifles conversations where solutions can be presented, or at least debated. Now, if you mention something that is not on the agenda, if possible, you will be silenced. If not silenced, every attempt will be made to ridicule or ostracize the offender.

It is getting worse.

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