Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

The lawsuit against a Houston hospital to force employees to get the vaccine is a bit frightening and a clear example of where policy, law and constitutional freedoms collide. When reading journalistic (the term is used very loosely) interviews with employees and associated articles about whether the hospital should mandate the jab illuminates an ideologic divide that appears to be growing.

It is no longer simple conspiracy theorists that suggest the vaccine is troubling, but well recognized scholars from multiple countries who are raising concerns. These concerns cite peer reviewed studies based on scientific research and studies that suggest the vaccine may pose dangers. These doctors are self proclaimed “pro-vaxers”. The Texas A&M doctor admits he took the vaccine, but as information becomes available, he feels an obligation to examine it. The fact these scientists are being censored is another issue but equally disturbing.


Whether the vaccine is safe or not is not the discussion, I’m not a doctor, so I won’t comment. As a layman, I try my best to gather information and make an educated decision. What concerns me is requiring this experimental vaccine to keep your job. This is an experimental vaccine approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). By this rule, and without a change to current law, the Government can not mandate any citizen get this shot. Making an assumption (I would argue a VERY large leap of faith) the FDA knows what it is doing and only authorized it for EUA for very good reasons, why would anyone not in the high risk category risk taking it?

The other issues that is extremely disconcerting is the push to vaccinate children. We have been told, almost since the start, that children are not at risk. They are low risk for transmission and when they do get the virus, for most the reactions are mild. So why this massive push? What is the policy justification behind it? I have children, I want to keep them safe, but would prefer to give the scientists time to continue its research and allow the FDA to approve a fully tested vaccine. Why is this unreasonable?

I think a healthy skepticism is good. We all have a little Missourian in us.

The ideological difference is now coming to a head. Can companies force citizens to get a vaccine that, according to our government (and the FDA), can’t be mandated. I guess we’ll find out, but I’m certain it will take years as our courts usually move at glacial speed.

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