Does Socialism Work?

Does Socialism Work?

Who cares if it works, or not, the question is do we want it? For most hardworking men and women in this country, the answer is a resounding no! Some have argued, to me, that we already have a type of Socialism in this country (e.g. Medicare) and while it is hard to argue it does not exist in some form, it has yet to take hold as a theme. We must fight it. It is not conducive to rewarding the best, innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit and most importantly, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My pursuit of happiness does not include supporting people to my standard of living that chose not to work as hard, or as smart, as me. It not only stifles any motivation to excel, but ruins any effort expended to create something better. It is soul crushing.

Well, other countries do it and are very successful. Great, good for them. Move there and enjoy it. I like the competition and believe our competitive nature makes us better. Where we lost our way is by tilting the playing field. Our current policies favor large corporations and those that have the resource to expand its empire. Where is Google’s competition? How come no company competes with Amazon? Why do Facebook and Twitter have such a monopoly on social media? One of the simple reasons is they buy off competitors, and who can blame anyone for taking the money and running? It would be crazy not to. I thought our government was supposed to ensure too much power didn’t fall into the hands of too few? I think it failed, yet again.

Our form of government is not bad, when run correctly. When looking back, it was run with fewer rules. As Congress has appeased big business and attempted to legislate common sense, we have lost our way. We have stumbled and made grave mistakes in the past, but common sense found its way back, at least to some extent. Unfortunately, it is one step forward, two back. We consistently take the bait when business and politicians conjure nightmares to scare us. We are too busy staring at our phones to learn the facts about our problems. Why our massive spending fails to yield any results, except for the select few, is not a mystery.

If Amazon, Google or even Facebook had returns on spending as miserable as the governments, stakeholders would replace leadership in a heartbeat. Instead, we the people, promote ours.

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