Divisiveness is Easy

Divisiveness is Easy

I suspected the first year of the Biden regime would be tough, but I truly thought people would start to pay attention as policy failures mounted. I was wrong. People seem to be distracted by the wrong things. Masks and injections rule the day, but voting integrity, border security, foreign policy, the massive debt, pork barrel projects, spending outrageousness, ignoring current law and infringing on State’s rights are only a few of the things to be outraged about. But Covid, masks and mandatory injections are the new abortion and gay rights trigger narratives (although they are still around). I don’t give a flying flea’s fart if you get an injection or not, but the fact we are unable to debate any aspect of this policy should frighten anyone. Has no one read any history? History tells us, as have a whole bunch of people, censorship is bad.

Smart, steady and generally unflappable people have taken sides on the disease front. Previously, these are people who would never allow a debate to be silenced. Instead, they have become experts and suggested it will serve the unvaccinated right when they die. A person is chided and ridiculed if any mention is made of the people killed due to the injection or the side affects suffered by many who take the vaccine. Any attempt to discuss or debate is met with censorship. People will be injected or ostracized, it is up to them. Now the unvaccinated are blamed for this spike in new cases when Israel’s situation clearly disputes this fact.

If you live in a cave and have not seen what is happening in Australia, it is coming to a city near you in the foreseeable future. Once the Military is fully injected, they will work on EMS and then the schools. Industry will either force injection to maintain employment, pay higher taxes, or some other draconian measure; it is only a matter of time. It may not be the delta variant that pushes over the edge, but it will be another one. It may be the next Covid. As a test run, I would call Covid a huge success. It has achieved divisiveness. That is really all they needed. To keep us divided.

Any attempt to gather solidarity or coalesce the masses will be met with huge resistance. The establishment have already tried to label any group that opposes substantive change a threat. If an election audit is considered, it is a right wing conspiracy group. If a statute should remain, the group is racist. As I said to someone a few months ago when invited to attend a demonstration to remove a statute: No thanks, I’m holding out for the book burning party. I’m certain they didn’t get it. They needed a new tool in the divisiveness tool chest. Covid is a perfect addition, just put it next to abortion and gay rights. It will keep us divided for the next fifty years.

Look at California, the current Governor (Newsom) has said it is the right wing that wants him removed, they alone are responsible for the recall. The numbers prove him wrong. Next week will be interesting to see if the people of California have had enough. If they do vote Newsom out, it will still be tough to change law. The democrats hold a super majority. It will also be interesting to see what policies, if any, are changed. There is a bunch of low hanging fruit, but to harvest it will piss off some portion of the population. It’ll be interesting to see how long the solidarity lasts.

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