Imagine asking a friend for a restaurant recommendation and all they do is identify crap places. Imagine a stock broker only providing information about stocks to be avoided, but never providing any suggestions as to what should be purchased. Imagine a bookie only giving the odds for a few low market games. This is how political advertisements appear. I usually don’t watch them or immediately mute them, but sometimes they play in the background. Where I live, they are going to build a wall, stop inflation and keep CRT out of schools. There are a couple of other regular themes, but it is SSDD. The one that disgusts me the most is the priest/minister advocating for a candidate. Where I live, it works, so kudos to the campaign staff, but when religion and politics unite, history tells us, bad things happen.

What will these candidates do? How will they turn things around? The current focus is on Roe vs. Wade since the leak occurred (wonder how long that investigation will take – bet nobody goes to jail), Ukraine, and Student Debt. What will this forecasted “red tide” do to help the country? Are the Republicans united? If so, to do what? Stopping, wait, no…enforcing our current border laws is a great start, but what about the deficit? What will they cut? I heard one candidate advocate for enhanced military spending. Really, $800 Billion is insufficient?!?!?

What are these folks smoking?

The Grand Ole Party (GOP) is advocating many career politicians, but there does not seem to be a focused agenda. It is all about the terrible actions of the incumbent, not the agenda that these new candidates will pursue. It has been like this forever, and the Democrats do the same thing. The American people, at least some of them, try to learn about the candidates but are often parochial in their policy questions. How will the candidates bring money to the area? What actions will be pursued to ensure new jobs are created in their district. Policy decisions about how to reduce the reliance on federal programs, create a balanced budget, trim taxes, reduce government overreach, and hacking at the federal deficit are never discussed.

We are constantly…..look squirrel….distracted.

Some republican senator or congressman came out with a multi point plan similar to Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” and while many points of the plan are debatable, the concept is worth considering. As a side note, the little I have read about the author of the multi point plan and NG makes it clear I would leave the bar if either approached it. This blog attempts to focus on policy, not people.

The message is not hard. Enforce the laws on the books now. If there are laws too subjective or deemed unenforceable, fine, what is the plan. Stop the reliance on the federal government. Fix egregious policy voids. Provide for people and insist they make an effort to help themselves. Stop placating the masses. Stop spending money.

Please stop telling us how evil they are and present an agenda.

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