Defend the Position

Defend the Position

There is currently an audit underway in Maricopa County, AZ. I have heard it framed a few different ways, but one is a forensic audit. I have heard various folks explain how important it is and how rigorous the vetting process in choosing the audit team. I have also heard the audit team is less than objective and other concerns about ballot confidentiality and the lack of oversight. I’m not there, I don’t know.

I think the audit should take place. I think every facet of each task should be monitored by multiple parties, videotaped (and not from afar) and an appeal process establish to address, in a short but realistic time frame, any issues. The few reports released about the audit focus on how important it is and how crazy anyone is to doubt the integrity or objectivity of the audit team or its supporters. They may be crazy, but why shouldn’t they be allowed access? It is a double standard and oozes hypocrisy. Worse, it creates an air of doubt about results. If the results are not to their (the opposition – The Brennan Center, Democrats, etc.) liking, they will simply say the auditors did not “do it right”. It quickly devolves into a he said, she said.

But, but, but, we (the Republicans) invited them (the Democrats) and they initially said no. Don’t care. How about recruiting a good number of observers, from both sides of the aisle, kicking and screaming if necessary. You explain exactly what you are going to do. If the firm you hired has proprietary software that “no one” can see, they should not have been chosen. See above, it must be transparent.

The spokesperson for the audit suggests this is America’s audit, but some Americans are tired of the secrecy and actually want an open audit. One that can be scrutinized and stand up to any assault. It needs to rely on open source software, not code that is stored in secret or shielded by law. Use an abacus if needed.

Invite CNN, Darth Vader, Pelosi, the Arizona Secretary of State and give anyone who asks a copy of exactly what will occur, why it is being done and the process at each step. In preparation of this audit, leadership should have gone through exhaustive analysis of the how, what, whys and wherefores. It should not be difficult to answer questions, they should have already been asked and answered. The appearance is poor planning or an attempt to hide something, neither of which bodes well or casts a favorable shadow.

It is not only this circumstance, but many others where the Republicans fail to defend their position, and in some cases clearly declare one. I appreciate this is a tactic is used by both sides, but when either side does it, it should be derided and chastised. We need less “Go Team Go” and more critical thinking. Proceeding with the audit was a good decision, but implementation, and the defense of the operation, appear to be lacking. If it is not lacking and is defensible and above reproach, the reasons why are not being conveyed to the public.

It is disappointing to see Republicans use tactics like obfuscation and deflection. Evidently, these are not simply tools for the left. It adds to my argument that both sides are to blame for our current state of affairs. It would be helpful for people in leadership roles to show the value of what they propose and how it will be implemented in a fair and objective manner. If more time was spent on policy defense, it would mitigate some of the nonsense rhetoric.

From an optics standpoint, one side is as opaque as the other. The citizenry is the casualty.

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