Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

As Congress ponders its $3.5 Trillion dollar, multi-thousand page, pork barrel filled bill, the debt ceiling looms in the distance. The Republicans want to sit on their hands and let the Democrats pass this monstrosity so they can use it to prove fiscal irresponsibility. The want to apply the same tactic to the debt ceiling so they can tell anyone who will listen that the Democrats defaulted on the debt. It’ll be a massive case of he said, she said. We the people lose again.

I think the Dem’s will do it, and more.

If they are going to break the law, go big. Pass the budget (I can see $4.0 trillion), raise the debt ceiling, pass the voting “rights” bill, forgive student debt, put DACA into law, expand Medicare, provide provisions for universal healthcare, and make DC a state. I’m sure the border, Visa allotments and amnesty will get thrown in there too. Yeah, and let’s shoot all those that refused to get the injection. What did I forget?

They need to give out enough money to make everyone happy before the mid terms next year. Since it takes time to allocate money and create procedures for distribution, the money should be flowing full spicket by Spring or early Summer. People should be giggly by Fall of 2022. The economy should be rolling along with a $3-4 Trillion dollar liquidity push and the Federal Reserve has made it clear, the little inflation that may exist is a blip and will go away. [Man, I don’t know what they are smoking, but Tommy Chong should be jealous.]

Who will stop them? Manchin, doubt it? Don’t forget the many RINO’s that may see the light. Three Republican Senators are over 85 (a problem in its own right), eight in their 70’s including Mitt, so what do they have to lose if they sell out? Most, if not all, will not (or at least should not – come on Grassely, you are 88 years old NOW, just retire) seek reelection and $100 Billion goes a long way towards swaying a vote and this agenda will help so many people, right!!! Don’t you want to help young people, old people, the middle class and the poor? This agenda will level the playing field. Most of it is free […I’m telling you Tommy, you need to investigate….] and the small part not paid for will be financed by raising taxes on really rich people and evil corporations. Inflation is just a boogeyman. Economic growth will fuel incredible tax revenues to more than offset any spending increases. Honest

I hope my crystal ball is channeling nightmares and not premonitions.

But what is going to stop it? It may happen piecemeal instead of all at once, but it is coming. Look at Australia, they have gone full Animal Farm. Some of its residents are perfectly fine with the draconian actions of its police force and have publicly stated that if people would comply, none of this would happen. The same would be true here. If the Republicans are going to stand up and try to curb some of these actions, what is the next step? Who will support them? Population centers such as New York and California are fully supportive of the Democrat agenda. More free stuff and tax the rich are the best solution for all our woes. The Republican electorate and its Congressional delegation, don’t have the moxie to cut budgets and make the needed policy changes.

Orwell was prescient.

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