As talk of the pending 2022 Red Wave continues, it is amazing to listen to the ambiguity and nothingness that surrounds its platform. Securing the border and bringing spending into line are two of the frequent headlines. Curbing inflation is a new one, but “…it’s the economy…” is a common theme from way back that still brings votes. Border security would be a plus, but Republicans spend money as good as Dems. Where is the real change platform that is so desperately needed?

Another policy mention is school choice. This one may die out before the mid-terms, but since the Virginia races did so well with the grass roots explosion resulting from Critical Race Theory (CRT), it may get legs. One talk show host talked about school choice being a positive for conservatives and how it could combat CRT and other liberal teachings. It sounded a bit paranoid, but hearing school board members adamantly deny CRT is being taught, only to see it proved later, may make the saying: “Am I paranoid if they are really are out to get me” ring true. The parents, at least most of them, are unaware of what is being taught to their children.

The issue with school choice is it does not fix the problem. It creates an escape instead of finding a solution. The solution requires rigor, compliance, and validation. These are attributes that demand a candid review and brutal honesty. Education is not a participation event. Subjects need to be taught and students must show competency. This does not equate to passing a single test, as in the old school ways. It does require proof the material is understood. If the students can’t pass the competency test, they must continue to learn the material until they do. More work, and time, must be devoted to this task until it is learned. If they student is unable to do it on their own, with a teachers help, the parents need to get involved. Basic knowledge must be learned, zero points for participation.

Educating children, truly educating them, may be a tough process, but it has huge benefits to society. It is worth the investment, if the product has value. Since the inception of the official Department of Education, the value of the product appears to have eroded. School choice, like vouchers and other proposals, wants to further subdivide educational pursuits. The public/private divide is embarrassing, but to allow a significant portion of the public to be peeled off leads to a three tiered system (at best) that will further weaken product value. The damage to society will expand beyond the current wound.

School choice is another issue where society is trying to create a choice instead of demanding aptitude. Education, learning a subject, and being forced to prove a working knowledge of these subjects has somehow become politicized. The group penalized are the hard working people who are tired of supporting nonworking citizens who refuse to put forth the necessary effort to learn. These ignorant people (in a literal sense) are a drain on society. If they refuse to be taught, how long will society continue to care for them and at what level?

Without policy changes, it will take decades.

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