Can’t Help Everyone

Can’t Help Everyone

Some people want to help everyone with every problem…WITH OUR MONEY. To add insult to this injury, there will be no requirement the person receiving my money do anything to earn it. Worse, they don’t have to change any of the behavior that got them into the situation in the first place. In addition to the above travesty, these same folks will get things others have worked their whole life to earn, be eligible for other entitlements that are unavailable to others that refuse to acquiesce. If you do nothing, except what you are told, the government will take care of everything.

Instead of fixing these policies, abortion is still a go-to topic, it keeps divisiveness intact. It may make you feel better on Sunday, but it is not helping the country. You want the government to set and manage abortion policy, based on its track record. Really? We need conversations and practical solutions, not edicts and moratoriums. Do people realize they are getting played? As referenced in prior posts, it is a game of three-card-monty. They are robbing you blind as people race around trying to stop all abortions. Meanwhile, the environment doesn’t change. It is delusional. People with money will find a way to get abortions. People without money will take potentially dangerous action or have a child. How come implications or repercussions for the male party are never discussed? It will not lead to substantive change. We are back to kids in bathtubs with coat hangers as politicians get rich while preaching from their perceived moral high ground. It is disgusting.

The Arizona audit came out with some recommendations, we need to implement some of those and get integrity back to our elections. Elected officials ignoring the law need to be indicted. These trials need to be quick and decisive, one way or another. Ballot harvesting needs to stop. Mail in ballots, while convenient, are fraud magnets. Can’t get to a voting site on election day? Sucks to be you, plan better. It is not like we change election day each year to confuse you.

People need to understand one thing. Some people in this country are mean, unkind, ruthless, greedy, nefarious lawbreakers. Not only should they not be helped, but need to be managed in such a way they can do no harm. They are not nice people. Some may change over time, but most will not. Other people are lazy and will do nothing as long as they are allowed. We continue to patronize these people and encourage idleness. We refuse to force them to do anything. There are millions of these people in this country. The sad fact is we are creating, and funding, more of them. This is done in the name of compassion and is continually justified by the few who make it out.

Until society can come together and agree on a different path forward, these failed policies will continue, not due to better alternatives, but do to the stubbornness and myopic ideologies of a distinct minority.

We can do better, but can’t, and shouldn’t, help everyone.

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