Campaign Ads

Campaign Ads

In case you were wondering, attorneys spent over $1.0 billion (yes, with a B) on television advertising last year in the United States. Where I live, it was one guy a few years ago, but now it’s more like a dozen. From what I read, it pays to advertise. What it tells me is our society is too litigious.

The advertising observation is relevant since by the time November rolls around, we will all be grateful for these abhorrent attorneys’ ads since we will have been inundated with political ads. Where I live, they have already started. Not only do these ads tell us nothing, but they all say the same nothing. I’m joe shmo and I’ll help everybody, make something better, I love Trump, and I’ll take away mask mandates.

I doubt it.

No details or assurances. No information about how these changes will occur. Zero data as to how they will lead. While helping everybody is great, it is not cheap. These people act like if they take away mask mandates and finish a border wall, the world will be a great place.

It won’t.

Inflation, divisiveness, education, health care, entitlements, and yes, the constitutional issues surrounding mask mandates are worthy topics. How about the national debt? Taxes? Illegal Immigration and what to do with these folks that are being “settled” at taxpayer expense all around the country? Many states still have not addressed election security and validation.

How about Republicans feigning ignorance about insider trading? I keep trying to be optimistic, but people are too ideological in the assessment of elected officials. If you are a conservative, great, what is expected from the elected official? People don’t seem to care if they do insider trading, promote deficit spending, help various companies through subsidies, create additional barriers to entry to impede competition, raise taxes, or create crap policy – as long as they are Republican.

It is delusional.

Both sides of the aisle are responsible for the position we are in and the upcoming elections, at least in my little world, offer candidates that appear happy to let the merry-go-round continue. Many of these candidates are wealthy people that have no clue about the average joe. Inflation is a word, simple rhetoric, to wealthy people. It justifies price hikes and inflation rate increases. It doesn’t result in any different daily choices. For the average person, the type of inflation we are seeing now is altering purchasing decisions.

It is bad!

The people that are running are truly out of touch, but I shouldn’t complain. I could have run, at least for Congress (I wanted to run for Governor, but I haven’t lived here long enough). I could have scraped together the $4,000 to run, but without money for advertising, I’d be screaming into the wind. People probably wouldn’t like my message.

No more free stuff, personal responsibility, pay attention or pay a tax, victims over perps and meritocracy over equity would be a good start.

I can dream.

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