Apathy is My Biggest Single Expense

Apathy is My Biggest Single Expense

Very few people care about what the government does. Companies do, if you could spend a very small portion of your take home pay to change the rules in your work place, wouldn’t you? How about how you live your life? What if you could make yourself exempt from sales tax or provide a ten year exemption from property tax payments? What if you only had to spend ten percent of a single year’s income (or less) to achieve this windfall? It is irrelevant if you are a Democrat, Republican, or something else. I am mystified by this. Let’s forget about the money for a second; money, to the government is like Doritos, it will just make more. Besides, the government has been misappropriating money for decades, and nobody seems to care. So, how do we get people to pay attention? Many people have written books about the crimes of government spending, innovation killing regulation, and the stagnation of every program the government touches; nobody cares.

I wish had the panacea, but I don’t. I do have a few suggestions. I mentioned getting some people to run for Congress with a preapproved agenda. Unfortunately, I don’t have the demeanor for it. I am too candid for my own good. While I have the diplomatic skills, they require effort to employ, and for some people the return on investment is too low. I can provide some policy guidance to those who are willing to run. This is not about personalities, parties or parochial musings, just policy; you want to talk about those, we’ll need beer, at least!

The first policy is the apathy tax; if you don’t care, it’ll cost you. You have to pay people, like me, who want to fix this country. I’m tired of working for free. With each tax increase, fee increase, expansion of government service, creation of a new government program, budget increase, and tax adjustment, an apathy tax will be applied. I’m thinking 100%, which is down from 1000% which one person said was too much. Next, we make it retroactive to 1776.

The Government will take this tax revenue and give it to everyone who doesn’t benefit from some government program. This way, everyone will benefit from government programs. I can’t begin to calculate the incredible impact on GDP this type of policy move would make, but I’m certain it would be stupidendous; and trust me, that is not a typo. If we do this, everyone makes money; problem solved. Since LS and TG decided over a decade ago, in collaboration with other countries, to make printing money stylish, it’ll be no problem.  Trust me.

Unfortunately, I must explain the apathy tax is only in jest, but other reasonable policy changes which bring back personal responsibility and limited government are ridiculed by each side of the aisle. Well, they would be, if anyone ever proposes them. Personal responsibility is in direct conflict with the establishment’s agenda and will never be allowed until we stand up and elect Congressional representatives who want to pursue this agenda. What agenda? The one which suggests we are responsible for our own actions; will help those who help themselves; do our best to provide opportunities for all who seek them; demand individual involvement in the community; expect innovation; and desire to create a better life for our citizens and through us, the world.

Next up … Decorum and Reprobates

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