A Third Party is Not a Panacea

A Third Party is not a Panacea

There are many parties in the U.S., but it is primarily a two party system. Do we need another party, or two, three or four more? Please no. There is a concerted effort to divide this country and creating additional parties, or splinters of existing parties, will only dilute the base and enhance our divisiveness. Too many people will vote party line with little or no information about the platform or the individual. In many elected official races, the less said by a candidate, the better. As the saying goes: “Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”, is a mantra many in politics should employ.

Look at upcoming elections. Who makes up the short list? In most cases it is establishment players who are either wealthy, held (or are holding) current office or are chosen from roles of the political party. Electing these people will not result in substantive change, but more of the same.

The public wants everyone to pay taxes. The loopholes must be closed. The large industry behemoths need competition. Laws must be changed to remove its advantages. Discussions should occur concerning a minimum wage, affordable housing, basic healthcare and other common lifestyle influences, but before these occur, the government must stop giving things away. There must be value.

These actions, and discussions, will not take place if the parties are not forced. These actions are less about people and more about change. The Legislature needs to alter laws. It needs to stop with the Omnibus bills and pass legislation that is unambiguous and singularly focused. Pass a whole bunch of them, each with a simple title and a direct goal. Stop governing by executive order.

It needs to stop catering to the spoiled child, nothing is free. Both parties play the citizenry for fools. The goal is to enlarge the bureaucracy. One topic after another hits the airways in an apparent effort to obfuscate the real issues. It is in the news every day, the Democrats are on a spending spree. Really? The Republicans are equally at fault for “drunken sailor” spending. Government programs are how a politician ingratiates the electors. It is party agnostic. People must start to pay attention. A balanced budget is no longer a rationale goal, we have to eliminate the debt.

Additional parties will not help create solutions. Policy solutions come from candid discussions and a clear understanding of the problem. They are also steeped in reality. In our current environment, we don’t have any of these. Instead of laughing when someone quips, “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”, it should be a rallying cry to fix some obvious problems. It is not the two party system, it is the two faced players. The true villain is not the politician, but the people who elect them.

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