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“… don’t want no trouble” – Mr. Robinson (R- Lt. Governor, North Carolina)

I disagree, and it pains me to say it. I listened to part of your speech from last week. I like the fire (great delivery!) and you and I would probably agree on most issues, but when you indicate some of us “…don’t want no trouble”, let me give you a different perspective. The problem is some of us see the Republican party as part of the problem. Your language appears to excuse Republicans from any and all culpability and places the blame solely at the feet of the Democrats. This is false.

I am a fiscal conservative and one who values personal responsibility. These traits, and other common sense attributes, now appear to be rejected by the Republican party. I don’t claim to be a Republican, although I used to. Do I agree with some of the policies pursued by President Trump (e.g. border security)? Yes, but spending sprees and a lack of progress on core issues (health care, taxes, education, social payments, etc.) while maintaining Congressional and White House control ooze hypocrisy. Politicians should be looking everywhere for any and all ideas since so many of this country’s policies are awful. Tax law is a joke, education is a travesty, but I digress. Current policies were put in place by both sides of the aisle. Own that fact and start to fix it.

The currently Republican party is as dismissive as the Left, and almost as flakey. For example, look at Fauci, first it supports him, now it wants to hang him. Look at Jeff Session, first he is a Godsend, and then the devil. Look at Barr, same story. There are multiple other examples, where the party, and its proverbial leader(s), flip flop and bully those that don’t support the cause de jour. Where is the decorum, the path and leadership that is so desperately needed?

So, yeah, call me reticent to jump in and join the fray. Keep in mind, it is not just the individual who joins, but any family or friend of the perceived deplorable. This association extends to businesses and associates connected to the individual. Knowing society will attack me is one thing but when it attacks my friends’ business for my beliefs, or worse my family members’ very existence, as a responsible adult, I should care.

To say otherwise is selfish, irresponsible, inconsiderate, and delusional.

Instead of preaching why we should make a stand, how about explaining what, specifically, policies you support. What is the latest Republican agenda? Who are the leaders and how will they lead? What policies are on the list and what is the priority. I don’t want generalities like America First, I want specifics. I want to hear Legislators support the platform. I want to see the proposed legislation. I want the sponsors to have read it and be able to explain it to Joe Public. I am not interested in executive edicts; I want changes in law. Many of them. In individual bills. Don’t be afraid to eliminate entire sections of current law (e.g. education). Help your State Legislators draft unambiguous policy and support them as they pass it into law. They need your guidance.

When you got elected, I was hopeful you would be a voice of reason and an impetus for real conversation. A spark to ignite substantive change led by a demand for real debate, but the rhetoric in your recent speech suggests, well, more rhetoric.

If I am to be used as cannon fodder, I’d like a very good idea what, exactly, I’m defending. If it is the same nonsense that both sides of the aisle have been pushing for the last many decades, I’ll pass. The whole left agenda is just pushing us faster to our demise, but the Republicans must share responsibility. Substantive policy changes are needed, quickly. The rhetoric spouted lately, and most of what was preached for the preceding four years, was much too little. 

Instead of guilting us in to joining the crusade, show citizens how you will change policy to help the country. If the changes you propose are sound, you won’t have to ask, people will follow. There is a population in this country that is desperately seeking real leadership and with it, substantive changes in policy (and law). Be the leader that ignites change.

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