The Magician

The Magician

Sleight of hand is as old as dirt and still practiced regularly. The citizens are its current victim. While we are distracted with the topic de jour and creating the universe’s moral compass, other populations are educating its populace and encouraging innovation. They encourage their population to excel and rise to the top, in a variety of academic pursuits. It is dog eat dog and survival of the fittest. Can’t cut it, you lose.

Many not only “cut it” but excel. These are not ruthless individuals without compassion, but new innovators, entrepreneurs and future business leaders who fought and scraped to rise above. Similar to the athlete who trains and grinds to get not only stronger and faster, but spends countless hours studying to perfect his knowledge and techniques. It was not given, it was earned.

This is what made this Country great, you could earn greatness.

Criticisms of various countries are daily news occurrences, one day it is China, another Russia and still other days it is India or somewhere else. Do these countries pursue nefarious activities that attempt to circumvent or defeat our businesses? Sure, just as we pursue industrial espionage, so do they. It is not new. Keep in mind, some of this intellectual property (IP) was not stolen but “given” to these foreign governments by its owners. Was it extorted? Maybe, but that is a different conversation.

We need to stop worrying about the neighbors and focus on us. This is far different than being an isolationist. Similar to a cease and desist on foreign aid does not make a xenophobe, it simply reminds us we are broke. Our house is a shambles and we want to give domestic advice, it is not only laughable, but oozes hypocrisy.

We are becoming, and this generously suggests the transformation is incomplete, a nation of entitled whiners. A significant portion of the population want free stuff. Some others think this is a good idea. I think it is garbage. In a world economy, our small country must compete with population behemoths such as China and India. We need all of our citizens in this competition. If we spend huge resources (like we do now) to support people who refuse to participate, we are doomed to economic failure. If hard working people continue to support those that won’t participate, it acts as a disincentive to persevere.

We are in the process of damaging the model and some would argue due to current policy it is already irreparable. The participation trophy was the beginning. We are changing it from you can learn and work your way to success to hang out and wait for free stuff.

Where it ends is up to us, but based on observation, not enough of the people paying for the free stuff seem to care.

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